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Female // 23 // Anthro artist

:pointr: I'm a full-time professional freelance artist! I work from home with my two Dachshunds (Jack & Andy), and my pet rat Franklin.

:pointr: Married to my best friend, Verticae (we met here on deviantart!)

:pointr: I love cheesecake, the color turquoise, and I collect all things owl-related.

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I love anthro art and especially the anthro community here on DA.

You can usually find me in #IamAnthro or #AnthroAdults

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Why I Love Anthro Art

Thu Feb 12, 2015, 4:36 PM

It’s really no secret -- anthro and furry art is my favorite type of art.  You can see that from the art I create to the groups I’m a part of.  But why?  What is it about anthro art that’s so amazing?

I've wanted to write this out for a while, just to kind of get all my thoughts out there.  Not everyone 'gets' furry art; some people even think anthropomorphic art is deviant and dark.  But the truth is, for most of us, there are much different reasons for our love of furry art.

I think the biggest and most obvious reason is, I love animals.  No matter who you are or where you live, animals are probably a part of your life in some way or another.  Since childhood, I’ve loved animals of every type.  My mom always had pet birds, and there were always a couple of dogs and cats running around as well.  Over the years, I’ve owned a whole bunch of little pets, like rats, rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs.  Each and every animal that’s come into my life has left a deep impression in my heart.  

So whenever I hunkered down with paper and crayons as a kid, I’d inevitably find myself drawing the animals I knew and loved.  In my mind, they had vivid personalities that came to life on paper -- a grumpy old dog with wrinkly brows, or a sly cat with a big grin.  Adding facial expressions and human-like bodies to my animal friends was a way for my young brain to express how I saw them in my mind.

As I grew older, this love for drawing animals just never went away.  Maybe it’s a feeling of connection to my younger self that keeps it going, or maybe it’s just that I still love animals of all shapes and sizes.  I like drawing animals, but I love drawing animals with human traits.  For me, it just brings to life that vividness of each animal’s personality traits.

But it isn’t just that.  I also love that anyone can become an anthro artist.  Anthro art spans a multitude of art types and skill levels, from costume-making and sculpture to oil paintings and colored pencil.  Anthro art is so varied -- anyone can take the idea and run with it, in whatever way inspires them most!  

Maybe you’re into post-apocalyptic sci-fi acrylic paintings..  We’ve got anthro art for you!  More into sleek, romantic, digitally-drawn anime?  We’ve got anthro art for you.  Looking for literature?  Jewelry?  Music?  Poetry?  We’ve got it all!

The list goes on and on -- every imaginable type of art can be used to express the beauty of anthropomorphic subjects.  Because of this, there’s really something for everyone.  Anthro art doesn’t limit itself.  If you want to be an anthro artist, you can.  It’s as easy as that!

Probably the best part about being an anthro artist is the community that comes along with it.  I’ve never found a more warm and welcoming group of people.  We have our own little sayings and phrases that we use, but we still welcome new artists and art-appreciators with open arms.  

In every furry or anthro community, there’s invariably a place where you can go and seek help from those who are more experienced.  Whether its help with life issues or help with art, no matter where you look you can find support in the anthro community.

We artists are a diverse group of people, at all stages of life. We come from all backgrounds, and have different ideas.  We do different things, we make different art, we have different jobs.  What brings us all together is our love of art.  I think every type of art has its own values and reasons to love.  These are just a few of my own thoughts on anthro art and community, and I suppose that's enough rambling for now!

What's your favorite type of art?  What are your reasons for loving what you do?

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